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Best of the nile
Best of the Nile

Best Of the Nile tour is the Magic tour you will  go with , in this tour you will discover the secret of the Nile  with enjoyable  nights on board cruise staring from Aswan to Luxor  ,  we are very sure that this experience you never had before  specially with sacred journey of a life time team .

Days: 12 days            Cairo, Aswan , Luxor                                  private
King of the nile
King Of The Nile

This Meditation Tour will be magical tour you never had before in this tour you will enjoy the magic of the Nile and the magic of the desert at the same  after all of the you will return back to Cairo to have  another mediation tour  to Amuse your soul by visiting King Chamber of Cheops.

Days: 11 days              Cairo , Aswan , Luxor,  Dahab                Private                                         
Meditation tour to cairo
Meditation tour to Cairo

In this tour you will start sightseeing with Aswan , between Luxor and Aswan  during  sailing of the Nile cruise you will discover the magic of all sightseeing there which Philae temple and Edfu. Komo-Ombo as well  till arrive  Luxor  will also  Discover the Magic of  East and west bank , after all of that return back to  Cairo  to have a great experience with Meditation tour the pyramids area .

Days: 11 days              Cairo , Aswan , Luxor                               Private                                         
meditation tour for the great pyramids
Meditation Tour For The Great Pyramid

Meditation Tours to Cairo and Luxor, Experience Cairo and Luxor Spiritual Tours, and Pyramids of Giza, Enjoy Cheops Pyramid Meditation Tour, Feel the Energy at King Chamber of Cheops, then Visit Karnak and Luxor Temples, as enjoyable time in Dendara and Abydos Temples.

Days: 6 days              cairo , luxor , Dendara                            Private                                         

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