Ras Muhammad National Park
Ras Mohammad is a national park in Egypt at the southern extreme of the Sinai Peninsula, overlooking the Gulf of Suez on the west and the Gulf of Aqaba to the east.
Philae temple in aswan
Philae Temple was built on the honor of goddess Isis the chief deity of the island
Stanley Beach . ALEXANDRIA
Evening walk around Stanley beach, that becomes romantic place on sunset, Stanley bridge attracts tourists with nice viewpoints, Photo Taked on December 17 in Alexandria
The Nile river at sunset in Aswan
Aswan, a city on the Nile River, has been southern Egypt’s strategic and commercial gateway since antiquity. It contains significant archaeological sites like the Philae temple complex, on Agilkia Island near the landmark Aswan Dam. Philae’s ruins include the columned Temple of Isis, dating to the 4th century B.C. Downriver, Elephantine Island holds the Temple of Khnum, from the Third Dynasty.
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